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Kenair Aerosol 360ml Refill Code: KENR02

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Kenair Aerosol 360ml Refill
Part Number: KENR02
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The Kenair Clean Air Duster Kit consists of a 360ml cartridge and a re-usable actuator valve. Kenair is available as a kit, containing a cartridge and valve, a cartridge only, and a spare replacement actuator valve. The actuator is designed to emit a powerful controllable jet and is used to blow dust, fluff, grit and other unwanted loose particles from photo, electronic and other precision equipment. When the cartridge is finished the actuator can be used with a replacement cartridge. Kenair is a safe dry gas, CFC and HCFC free, which complies with all EC regulations. Not suitable for cleaning digital camera sensors, surface coated camera mirrors or directly onto lenses or optical equipment. Do NOT invert the can when in use.

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