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Kenair Air Duster & Dust Vac Kit Code: KENR012

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Kenair Air Duster & Dust Vac Kit
Part Number: KENR012
Availability: In Stock.
The Kenair Dust Vat Kit consists of a 360ml Kenair cartridge and a re-usable actuator valve, which has the same function as the Kenair Clean Air Duster Kit. In addition to this the Kit is supplied with the Kenair Dust Vac attachment. This attachment is fitted in seconds and converts the kit to vacuum mode. The vacuum is suitable for picking up small particles and with its soft end is ideal for cleaning in delicate areas. Kenair is a safe dry gas, CFC and HCFC free, which complies with all EC regulations. Not suitable for cleaning digital camera sensors, surface coated camera mirrors or directly onto lenses or optical equipment. Do NOT invert the can when in use.

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